Seahawk Propellers

Low Drag Stainless Steel Feathering and Folding Sailboat Propellers

Seahawk Pty Ltd
41 London Drive Bayswater 3153
Victoria Australia
Phone 03 9761 1633 Email
Open 8am to 4:30pm Mon-Thurs
Open 8am to 2:30pm Friday

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Photographs of all 6 Models of Seahawk Propellers

S1 Autostream S2 Autostream

S4 Slipstream S6 Slipstream

S5 Slipstream S7 Slipstream

We also import the large Vari Prop 3 and 4 Blade Propellers

Vari Prop Bronze 3 Blade Feathering

Vari Prop Bronze 4 Blade Feathering